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Pourquoi faut-il bien sélectionner ses antioxydants?

Aujourd’hui, de nombreux compléments alimentaires, aliments et boissons sont mis en avant parce qu’ils contiennent des “antioxydants”. Bien que nous soyons conscients que les antioxydants peuvent être bénéfiques pour notre santé, peu d’entre nous savent réellement comment ils fonctionnent dans le corps. Chez Weo, nous nous appuyons sur la science et nous sommes convaincus que […]

Comment la qualité de l’eau affecte le goût et la valeur nutritionnelle de nos aliments

L’eau est essentielle à la vie. Lorsque vous pensez à l’eau, vous pensez probablement à boire ou à prendre une douche. Cependant, la qualité de l’eau est également cruciale pour cultiver des aliments et élever le bétail dans les fermes. Saisir l’importance de l’eau peut nous aider à faire des choix alimentaires plus sains et […]

Why Cellular Senescence is Important for You and Your Family

Cellular senescence is a natural protective mechanism your body uses to stop the growth of cells that are at risk of transforming into cancer cells. An important scientific article published in Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology notes, “cellular senescence occurs in response to endogenous and exogenous stresses.”  So think of senescence as your body’s “last-ditch” […]

7 Healthy New Trends to Add to Your Health Radar

It’s no secret that healthy habits are the key to a healthy life. But what if you could hack your health with technology? According to new research, you can. Here are seven cutting-edge wellness technologies worth adding to your radar. 1. Wearable Devices If you’re struggling to get enough shut-eye, there are wearable devices that […]

Electrolyte Water: Benefits and Myths

If the advertising spiel that accompanies electrolytes drinks is to be believed, one sip of these supercharged elixirs will turn you into a borderline superhero worthy of your own Marvel franchise. From being able to maximize your performance in sports to keeping you healthy in general, one thing is for sure… electrolytes have a lot […]

5 New Trends Taking the Health Industry by Storm

While health tech has always been a thriving business in the health industry, in 2021, investment in the sector doubled from just under $20 billion to nearly $40 billion, thanks largely to the pandemic. While ‘thanks’ may be a dubious word to use when referring to COVID, the fact remains that this remarkable level of […]

Is Alkaline Water Really Good for You?

Water is essential for human life and is crucial to our overall health. It is the main component of our blood and helps every tissue, cell, and organ in our body to function properly. Water also transports nutrients and oxygen throughout our bodies, and it helps us eliminate waste. So how does alkaline water play […]