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Le lien entre l’hydratation et une peau en bonne santé

L’organe le plus vaste de notre corps, notre peau, accomplit de nombreuses fonctions essentielles. De la protection de nos organes internes à la régulation de notre température corporelle, la peau est au cœur de notre santé. Dans cette optique, il est logique qu’être en bonne santé nécessite de prendre soin de notre peau, à l’intérieur […]

Les 5 caractéristiques à prendre en compte pour bien choisir sa bouteille d’eau

On pourrait penser qu’il y a beaucoup d’eau sur Terre, et pourtant, la contenance totale de l’ensemble des bouteilles d’eau disponibles sur le marché mondial dépasse la quantité d’eau sur la planète.  Le marché des bouteilles d’eau est devenu de plus en plus complexe. Allant des bouteilles en verre et en acier qui ajoutent des […]

Electrolyte Water: Benefits and Myths

If the advertising spiel that accompanies electrolytes drinks is to be believed, one sip of these supercharged elixirs will turn you into a borderline superhero worthy of your own Marvel franchise. From being able to maximize your performance in sports to keeping you healthy in general, one thing is for sure… electrolytes have a lot […]

7 Harmful Side Effects of Plastic Water Bottles

Eight, eight-ounce glasses of water per day. The easy-to-remember 8×8 rule is the usual recommendation from health experts when asked how much water we need to drink to stay healthy. That, they say, is the perfect amount to keep the average you in tip-top mental and physical condition. But if your quest for optimum hydration […]

5 New Trends Taking the Health Industry by Storm

While health tech has always been a thriving business in the health industry, in 2021, investment in the sector doubled from just under $20 billion to nearly $40 billion, thanks largely to the pandemic. While ‘thanks’ may be a dubious word to use when referring to COVID, the fact remains that this remarkable level of […]

Why You Should Invest in an At-Home Water Filter

With water being one of the most common compounds in the universe, you’d have thought that given 13.7 billion years, the universe would have figured out how to make it safe to drink by now. Sadly, water on Earth is full of all kinds of nasty contaminants — it’s a sobering fact that unsafe water […]